During this period of emergency caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the medical office of DR. OMID SEDIGH decided to offer an online medical consultation which will go on for people who comes from different area of Italy and the world, also at the end of this emergency.

It is possible to set up a video conference via Skype by filling out the form below. We will contact you with the first available date and instructions for making the payment.

For more information:
Secretary +39 0117940359; +39 3208510347 (Whatsapp)

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    Terms and Conditions

    I declare:

    to agree to have an e-counseling with DR. OMID SEDIGH in order to expose my clinical case;
    to agree that DR. OMID SEDIGH acquires the first elements by videoconference: the patient's personal data, in addition to the symptoms, anamnesis and pathologies in order to give a first overview of the case and planning the subsequent assesments;
    to understand and agrees that services rendered hereunder have exclusively information nature and may not be classified as healthcare services;
    to understand that the definitive diagnosis (and any cures or indications of treatment) will take place exclusively after the physical meeting between the doctor and the patient;
    to agree to have a first online consultation with DR. OMID SEDIGH in order to save time and resources and after it, he will be able:
    • to give the first indications on any diagnostic tests to be taken before the outpatient visit or hospitalization;
    • to optimize the methods and times of the necessary specialist visits, avoiding unnecessary and expensive travels;
    • to refer the patient to colleagues specialised in different branches of medicine if it will be necessary or appropriate, or physicians specialized in urology but with technical skills acquired in particular areas of specialization;
    • to optimize places and times of any hospitalization.
    I declare that I am perfectly aware about the aforementioned, without reservation or perplexity, I authorize DR. OMID SEDIGH to take all the necessary information regarding my clinical case for which I requested the intervention of him by videoconference.
    I also agree that the data and any photographic documentation may be collected for the purpose of clinical documentation, it being understood that the doctor undertakes to use the aforementioned documentation only in a scientific context and with anonymity guarantee.

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