• He received his Diploma of Scientific Maturity at Liceo Razy in Tehran, in the 1985/1986 school year.
  • From 1992 to 1994, frequenter, graduate student – Nefrourologica Department – Molinette of Turin. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin in the academic year 1993/1994 with the experimental thesis: Metabolic complications of orthotopic neovescic sec. Zing Studer.
  • Specialization in Urology from 1994-1999 at the Urology Clinic of Molinette of Turin – Department of Nephrourology, director of the pr. S. Rocca Rossetti, with the experimental thesis: Luci e Ombre in the diagnosis and therapy of induratio penis plastica.
  • Recipient of the 8th Scholarship awarded by the Molinette hospital in Turin since November 1999 for the On-Line Andrology service (Andrological Green Number).
  • Master’s Degree II level in Surgical Andrology, in the academic year 2002/2003, at the Urological Clinic of Turin, director Pr. L. Rolle
  • Master’s Degree II level in Prostate Oncology, in the academic year 2013/2014, at the Urological Clinic of Turin, director Pr. P.Gontero.


  • He carried out his ward and operating room activities on a permanent basis (Urological Routine)
  • He carried out the regular Shifts of active, day and night Urological guards of first aid, of SC Urologia 3 – Az. S. Giovanni Battista Hospital of Turin – Molinette and he participated, in a very active way, in the emergency operations.
  • Collaborated since 1996, at the level, both operative and clinical, with the dermatological surgery of the S. Lazzaro hospital in Turin for penile shaft tumor pathologies.
  • He was an active member of the ESWL team and of urological endoscopy. He organized and managed, as a first-aid and then as a responsible (2007 and 2008), the service of Andrology, surgical and urethral surgery at the S.C urologia 3 – Molinette.
  • He was Head of Urology and Andrology, at Clinica Promea, Day Surgery – Infertility Center for Couples in Turin, in the years 2006 and 2007.
  • Several times presented / participated in national and international congresses, to Readings and Live Interventions of andrological and reconstructive surgery.
  • At Hamad Medical Coorporation Doha-Qatar, (Director: Prof. Ansari – Prof. Naeemi), several times since 07.2006
  • At the University of Geneva – Switzerland (Director: prof. Iselin)
  • At S. Behesti University in Tehran-Iran, several times since 2007
  • At the Cellini Clinic of Turin – S. Giovanni Battista Molinette Hospital
  • At the University of Belgrade- pr. Rados Dinovic
  • At UCLH of University of London – Pr. David Raplh


  • Having assisted / collaborated / operated several times over the years, with international experts in Urological Reconstructive Surgery and Urethral Pr. SJ.Hosseinee – Tehran and Turin. Pr. E.Palminteri- Arezzo, Turin and Doha Pr. A. Alansari et al. and Il Pr.A.Shamsodini at Hamad Medical Coorporation in Doha-Qatar and in Turin and Tehran.
  • Prosthetic Andrological Surgery Prof. SK Wilson (USA), Pr. D. Ralph (London-UK), Pr. Peyrovic (Belgrade), pr.R.Shabsy (Newyork-USA), pr.R. Olianas (Luneburg-germany), Pr. T. Mundy (London-UK) prof. E. Austoni (Milan), dr .M. Paradiso (Turin) and Pr. Luigi Rolle (Turin)
  • Laparoscopic Urology surgery Prof. Fornara- Halle- Germany Dr. Lorenzo Repetto
  • Organizer / collaborator of more, work shop- Live Surgery of Indirect Surgery Uro.andrological and Urethral Surgery, in the presence of Piedmontese, national and Foreigners colleagues in Turin, Doha and Tehran


  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction and plastic induratio Penis La Peyronie’s disease (IPP) Semi-rigid penile prosthesis implant – hydraulic / tricomponent inflatable and additive and substitute bioplastic.
  • Genital cosmetic surgery. Scrotoplastics and genital lifting and relaxation and incision of the suspensor ligament and interposition: in the case of genital blemishes caused by sinecchi and previous procedures. Sclerotrophic Lichen scars, exuberant and keloid scars
  • Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery of Penile Tumors Reconstructive Corporoplastics with Urethra Skin Implants in Penile Tumors: Uretroglanduloplasty Cutaneous Reconstruction and Resurfacing with Buccal Mucosa Biopsies of the Sentinel Lymph Nodes and Deep Inguinal Lymph Nodes
  • Treatment of urethral strictures and failures of previous hypospadias: urethrotomy Endoscopic with laser, urethroplasty of substitution and enlargement, anterior and posterior with Graft of buccal mucosa.
  • endoscopic positioning of last-generation urethral stents, for persistent plurirecidive and inoperable stenoses.
  • Andrological Surgery for couple infertility and sperm collection and varicocele Micro and Macrotese for sperm collection in azoosperms Anterograde sclerotization (Tauber) of the Varicocele and subinguinal Varicocelectomy Microcirculation
  • Implantation of artificial sphincters due to severe urinary incontinence after demolitive surgery and neurological bladder
  • Oncological Surgery of Urological Neoplasms and Prostate Radical prostatectomies: perineal / retropubic, access to the posterior urethra, Endoscopic oncological surgery of the bladder, ureter and intrarenal. Major Renal oncological surgery and demolysis and reconstructive bladder
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery of Benign Hyperplasia of the Prostate Bipolar Tur-p, Enucleovaporization Laser Tullio and Green Laser Minimally invasive prostate therapy
  • Uro-Andrological Diagnostics Eco-color-power-doppler Basal and dynamic pen and scrotal. Transrectal ultrasound with targeted Eco-guided prostate biopsies.
  • Treatment of high and low urinary stones. Extracorporeal lithotripsy for the treatment of renal calculosis Endoscopic laser and percutaneous surgery for the treatment of reno-ureteral calculosis.
  • Transplantation and Renal explants
  • Member of the Italian Society of Urology (SIU), European Society of Urology (UAE), Italian Society of Andrology (SIA), European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Italian Society of Male Genital Surgery (SICGEM), Society of Urologists Piedmontese (AUP), New Urology Society and Iranian Urology Society (IUA).
  • Author of several publications in the field of urology and andrology at national and international level.


  • Head of S.S.C.V.D. of explants and renal transplants in Urology, at the city of health and science of Turin and regional suitability for transplants and organ explants.
  • Medical Director of Urology at the City of Health and Science, SCDU Molinette Hospital of Turin – Director Pr. B. Frea
  • Active part of Andrology and Urethral Surgery Team at SCDU Molinette Hospital in Turin
  • Urologist responsible for GIC Oncology for the diagnosis and multi-disciplinary treatment of penile tumors
  • Prof. A.C. at Turin University of Studies – SCD Urology – Specialist Master in Surgical Andrology
  • Editorial Board of Andrological Sciences – Official Journal of the Italian Society of Andrology
  • Urology Journal Reviewer – Official Journal of the Iranian Urology Society
  • Tutor for the school of specialization in Urology
  • Privilege of having worked continuously, at H. Molinette of Turin with the Masters of Urological and Oncological Surgery: my kind directors:
    • Dr. Ugo Ferrando from 1993 to 2008
    • Pr. Dario Fontana from 01.2009 to 11.2012
    • Pr. Bruno Frea from 11.2012 to 11.2016
    • Pr. Paolo Gontero from 11.2016