Omid Sedigh

Chief Dept.Urology and Andrology Reconstruction
SR.Consultant Urologist
Adjunct professor Humanitas University
Humanitas Gradenigo Hospital
Torino- ITALIA

He graduated in Razy Scientific High school of   Tehran in  July 1985 and  graduated in

Degree of Medicine & Surgery  at the University of Turin in the academic year 1993/1994.

The same university in the academic year 1998/1999, he Specialized in Urology and then  after 3 years had his

Fellowship & University Master’s Degree in Reconstructive Andrology  and in 2012

Fellowship and University Master’s Degree in Prostatic Oncology in 2017.

Full specialist in Surgical Urology in all European Community, Switzerland  & United kingdom (U.K-G.M.C Number 7046613).

   Iranian  Medical Council

   Qatari   Medical Council privilege

   Kuwait Medical council privilege    Dubai Emirates (DHA) as Full consultant Urologist

Clinical Positions :

Chief of   Urology and Reconstructive Andrology dept.  Gradenigo Humanitas Hospital  of Torino

Senior. Consultant Urologist  at Molinette University Hospital ,   Referal Center of Torino- Piemonte till 08.2021

Director – kidney transplant in Urology dept and Eligibility for Kidney transplantation and organ harvesting-Active part of the regional Team 06.2013-08.2021

Active Regional member  of Kidney Transplantation and explantation –  2009-2021

Coordinator Oncological team of penile Cancers e Inguinal Linfadenectomies  Molinette University Hospital of Torino

Active part of Andrology Team at Molinette University  Hospital in Turin till 08.2021

Accademic positions :

Italian National University  eligibility for Associate professor in Urology (Miur 03.2023- 03.2024)

Adjunct Prof . Humanitas University- Reconstructive Andrology and Urology  Branch

Adjunct Professor- University Master on Andrology – UNITO( University of Torino)

Adjunct Professor – University Master Of Endocrinolgy and Medical Metabolism , Andrology- UNITO

Adjunct Professor at the Univeristy of Turin- Residency School of Nephrologhy till 10.2021

Associate visiting Prof. TUMS ( Tehran University Medical sciences)

Adjunct Visiting Prof. SUMS   ( Shiraz University Medical Sciences)

Tutor for School of Medicine and Surgery- University of TORINO (UNITO)2023-202

Chairman Scientific Committee of APSARUS: Asian Pacific Society of Andrology Reconstructive Urology Surgeons

Scientific Committee of ESSMEuropean Society for Sexual Medicine – 2021-2023

Editorial Board of Journal of Andrological sciences – Official Journal of Italian society of Andrology

Had Previlage, for long time to  Work/ assist/operate together with Masters and most experts  of Urology and Oncology , in Italy : My kind  Directors

 Pr. Dr. Ugo Ferrando dal 09.1993  -12.2008

 Pr. Dario Fontana from  01.2009 to   11.2012

 Pr. Bruno Frea from 11.2012 to  11.2016

 Pr.Paolo  Gontero 11.2016 to 08.2021

From 1992 to 1994, visitor, hearing care- in Dept. of Nefrourology at -Molinette  of Torino.

 From 1994-1999 Residency in Surgical  Urology- at the Department of Nefrourologia-Univerisity of Torino.

Urology and reconstructive Andrology, full-time Assistant/ Attend (38 hours- week)  at the Department of Urology Nefrourologia—Molinette Hospital of Turin  from 2000 to 2007- Regional referal center .

During this period :

  • carries out activities in a permanent ward and operating room (Routine Urology)
  • carries out research and Andrologist and Urethral Surgeon
  • participates as a first or second trader of surgical emergencies in the ER, for specific andrological and common Urological procedures. collaborate actively, both surgical and clinical, with  S. Lazzaro dermatological referral  center Hospital  of Torino,  for penile cancer treatments .
  • In addition to routine urological guards working the emergency room, he was part of team activities and ESWL of ‘urological endoscopy.

From 2000 to 2008, Dr.Sedigh has organized and managed as a first-aid and then as manager,(the last 2 years) the service of surgical Andrology & urethral surgery of the SC 3 – Molinette.

Had Opportunity more times, to assist/operate together and had direct collaborations with most international experts

Reconstructive and urethral surgeons.

Pr. SJ.Hosseinee –  Tehran & Torino.

 Pr. E.Palminteri-   Arezzo , Torino , Doha , Tehran

Pr. S. Kulkarni in Torino

Prof Tony Mundy Tehran and Torino

 Pr. A.Alansari e coll. e Il Pr.A.Shamsodini  presso Hamad Medical Coorporation di Doha-Qatar in Torino & Tehran.

Ariticial Urinary Sphincters Surgeons

Pr.Tony Mundy  in Tehran and Torino

R.Olianas(Luneburg-germany) in Torino

Dr. Matteo Paradiso Torino

Pr. Luigi Rolle- Torino

Penile Prosthesis and Andrological  procedures

Prof. SK Wilson (USA), Pr. D. Ralph (London-UK) , Pr. Sava.Peyrovic(Belgrade), pr.R.Shabsy (Newyork-USA), pr.R.),   prof. E.Austoni (Milano), dr .M. Paradiso (Torino) e Pr. Luigi Rolle (Torino), Pr.Rados Djinovic( belgrade) and Prof Carlo Bettochi ( Bari, Foggia and Torino)

Laparoscopic Urologists

Prof. Fornara- Halle- Germany

Prof. Paolo Gontero

Dr. Lorenzo Repetto

Robotic Da Vinci Surgeons

Prof. Nicolo’ Buffi

Prof. Giovanni Lunghezzani

Dr.Giovanni CordimaDr.Gianluigi Califano

Special skills and good experience  :

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease ( PD )

Penile Prosthesis Implantation of semi rigid and hydraulic penile prosthesis  Coloplast ,  AMS and Rigicon  devices.
Corporoplasties/Phalloplastie’s and substitution with biomaterials and NESBIT procedure.. (conservative therapy for PD and Congenital Angulation).

Treatment of Male incontinency after trauma and radical procedures

Inflatable artificial sphincters, specially :  AMS-800 Boston and Rigicon devices  for Male Incontinence

Reconstructive and Oncological  Surgery of penile cancer

Uretroglanduloplastiy with the urethra in penile cancers after  Radical Glansulectomy
 sentinel lymph nodes Biopsies  and deep inguinal lymphadenectomy( more than 100 procedures)

Surgical Treatment’s of Anterior and Posterior urethral stenosis

Endoscopic urethrotomy and Laser treatments

Experienced in Anterior and in posterior Urethroplastyes with the buccal mucosa graft and Post Trauma

Continues collaboration with prof : Hosseinee(Tehran)  and prof. palminteri (Arezzo).

More than 500 Procudures

Infertility and Miniinvasive Varicocel surgery

Micro and Macrotese,

Microsurgical varicocelectomy

antegrade sclerotherapy (Tauber) of Varicocele

Oncology  surgery’s for all Urological Cancers(prostate, Renal and Bladder..)

Radical perineal prostatectomies / retropubic urethra and rear access, endoscopic oncological surgery of the bladder, ureter and renale.

Cystectomies and multiple Urinary derivations

Minimally invasive surgery of prostate hyperplasia

Bipolar endoscopic surgery, Laser(Thullio, Green 180 W ) and minimally invasive for  prostate BPH with Rezum  

Uro-Andrology Diagnostics

Eco-color-power-Dupplex penile and scrotal.

Transrectal ultrasound prostate biopsy with Eco-Drive Target.

EndoUrology and shock Wave treatments of the high and low urinary tract stones and cancers.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for the treatment of kidney stones

Semirigid treatments for Ureteral stones

Flexible ureteroscopy stone treatments(RIRS)

Pielostomy positioning with Ultrasonography
And Supine percutaneous endoscopic  surgery for the treatment of reno-ureteral calculi(ECIRS)

Robotic Da Vinci Surgery for Oncological and benign Surgery

Radical Prostatectomy Nerve sparing and Extended Linfadenectomy

Pieloplasthy and conservative nefrectomies

Member of the  ‘Italian Association of Urology (SIU), European Society of Urology (EAU), Italian Society of Andrology (SIA), the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Italian Society Male Genital Surgery (SICGEM), Society Urologists Piemontese (AUP), and Iranian Society of Urology (IUA).

Author of several publications in the field of urology and andrology at the national and international journals.

Invited Surgeon and Invited speaker in several Italian  and International Conferences and Live surgeries